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This History was written by a member that was at the church during our beginning years.

September 16, 1962  was the first service held by Harry Musgrave, a Lay Reader from St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Coolidge, Arizona.  He also held services on December 23rd and 30th. The Right Reverend Joseph Harte DD, Bishop of Arizona, held the Christmas Day service at 10:00 am in the Superstition Inn, in Apache Junction.  Off the lobby where they had their service was the bar, which was open for holiday business.  Bishop Harte decided it would be a memorial occasion for everyone regardless of the noisy competition from the room next door with the loud jazz music being played.  The Charter Members were:  J. Russell Larcombe, Emma Robinson, Ropy E. Hoover, Margaret R. Hoover, J. Milton Osborn, Jeannie Osborn, Anne Hileman, Peter and Ethel Philip, Edna White, Edward and Karen Jacobson, The Rev. John J. Atwell, his wife Jaqueline R. Atwell, Linda Ann Atwell, and John J. Atwell Jr.  Joan Duprey, not a member, but an Episcopalian and Assistant Manager of the Inn, acted as Secretary and Treasurer, for our church.  Public Dinners were held to help pay for the use of the Inn.  The  name for the church wasn't selected until later.  There were many names suggested by the members, such as St. Joseph, St. Paul's, St. David's,  and St. Geronimo,  but the congregation voted to name it The Church of the Transfiguration.   They had a  membership of thirteen in the beginning and the financial budget of the church was $8.10. The first warden was Roy E. Hoover.


On January 3, 1963, Father John Atwell was appointed Vicar by Bishop Harte of the small mission church.  They moved their services to the Apache Junction Elementary School as the noise at the Inn during services was too much.  They used canned music for the hymns during the services since they didn't have an organ.  That year their every member canvas yielded eleven pledges which totaled $854.  They had their annual dinner meeting with forty-two people in attendance.  The assessment from the Diocese for the   new mission was $100.  January 21, 1963 they had the first ECW meeting with their president, Edna White.  The  meeting was held at the Superstition Inn and Georgia Newcomber spoke to the women on the work of Church Women of the Diocese of Arizona.  Reverend John Atwell came from Maryland in 1957 at Bishop Kinsolving's request to start St. Matthew's Church in Chandler, and to be chaplain at Williams Air Force Base in Mesa, Arizona. 


In 1965 the land at 514 South Mountain Road was found by the Bishop's Committee, and through a friend of the congregation, Henry Galbraith.  He held 2 1/2 acres in option for the church to buy, and the congregation purchased the other 2 1/2 acres at $1500 per acre.  He later gave the other 2 1/2 acres of land to the church at no cost.  They had to borrow $3750. to purchase the land and a Trust B loan for ten years for $20,000 to build the rectory and to purchase furniture for the new mobile chapel, a 20 x 30 foot building which took 2 months to build and cost  $6,400,  paid for by Bishop Harte.  June 6, 1965 they had their first meeting in the new chapel.  Howard G. Holley completed a master plan for the whole five acres of land.  Mr. Holley was the manager of the Mountain View Memorial Gardens.  Plans to build  the rectory were approved  on December 14, 1965.  The Rectory was built in 72 days at the cost of $20,191.46, and it was appraised at $36,000.00. The shell of the Rectory was built by Father Atwell's son who had a construction company, and it was finished by Father  Atwell and parishioners.  Father Atwell would leave his home at 5:00 am and work on the Rectory, leaving there at 7:00 pm and going to visit the sick at the hospital or at their home before going to his home again in Chandler, where he lived.  There were other additions made to the chapel, an extension on either side.


On April 27, 1979 their church was accepted as a parish at the annual convention of the Diocese held in Tucson at St. Phillip's in the Hills.  

1985 – 1988

On March 3, 1985 they voted to build a new parish hall and it was constructed by Father Atwell's son, and finished March 23, 1988, and was paid for completely.


Father Atwell retired on February 13, 1989 and  June, 1989, The Reverend J. Kevin  Donnelly was called to serve the congregation until 1994.  He came from St. Alban's in Tucson.  

1994 - 2002

In 1994 The Reverend Canon Raymond P. Dugan, served for a year as Priest-in-Charge, then installed as Rector by Bishop Robert R. Shahan on December 15, 1994.   


They were seriously looking for a new church.  They didn't know if they wanted to sell the land and buy a church somewhere else, or build on the land they now own. October of 1995 they hired Duane Von Fang to design our present  church.  At first they were looking at a price of $600.000 and later voted on a much lower price of $400,000.  Members felt that all they did was talk about money so things had to change or they wouldn't have a membership.  They built a very nice out door barbeque which we use today for our end of summer Labor Day event.  Then they had a Mardi Gras both 1995 and 1996 partly to raise money and mostly to have fun.

2002 - 2006

The Reverend Kathleen P. Galvin was called as rector to serve the congregation.


The Reverend Lawrence R. Boyd was appointed to serve as interim rector.

2007 - 2012 

The Reverend Nicholas Romans was appointed to serve as Priest-in-Charge.

2012 - 2013 

In 2012 The Reverend Harry Way was appointed to serve as Priest-in-Charge while the search process for a new rector was occurring.  Father Harry continued to serve as the supply priest from August 2013 until mid-January 2014 when Father Bob was ordained a priest.


The Reverend Robert (Bob) Saik was called as rector to serve the congregation.  On January 19, 2014 Bishop Kirk Smith ordained Father Bob a priest in the Episcopal church.


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