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  • Online Bible Study Resources

    During Adult Education Fr. Bob showed the video on how to get more out of the Bible through Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s inspiring words. This video called The Big Class: Getting More Out of the Bible can be viewed from the web site. The video suggested Bible resources to help make Bible reading more insightful, practical, and transformative.

    Below is a list of biblical studies resources available online.  These sites offer access to various translations of the Bible, biblical commentary, resource links, and other Biblical study resources. 

    Each of these resources offers unique ways to read scripture-- side-by-side English translations for purposes of comparison; opportunities to compare the English translation with the original Greek or Hebrew; audible versions; ways to change the order in which scripture is presented (chronologically, by probable author, etc). Options abound, and different online Bible resources offer different opportunities. 

    These resources also offer Bible reading challenges of many different kinds, commentaries, interpretations, historical context, geographical information, historical information, and many other tools that can help students of scripture learn more about what we are reading. 

    Audio versions of scripture: 

    • Inspired By...The Bible Experience, Old Testament and Inspired By...The Bible Experience, New Testamentare dramatic readings of scripture with over 400 actors, actresses, and members of the clergy taking different roles. Performers include Samuel L. Jackson, Angela Bassett, Denzel Washington, Forrest Whitaker, Blair Underwood, and many others. The reading has exceptional sound quality and is accompanied by an original score performed by the Prague Symphony Orchestra. This recording won the 2007 Audio Association award for Audio Book of the Year.
    • The Word of Promise Complete Audio Bibleis a reading of the New King James Version of the Bible in its entirety. Many award-winning actors read characters in this version, including Richard Dreyfus, Louis Gossett, Jr., Gary Sinese, and Marissa Tomei. 
    • James Earl Jones Reads the Bible: New Testamentis the King James Version of the Bible read by James Earl Jones (presumably because the voice of God him or herself was not available and this was the next best thing.) There's also a version of the entire King James Bible read by James Earl Jones and Jon Sherburg. 
    • The Listener's Bible, produced by the Fellowship for the Performing Arts, is a good audio version available in several translations. Some parts are available for free. 

    Here are some print versions of scripture that might be helpful in unusual or interesting ways:

    The Message -- A translation of the Bible into contemporary English that many readers find exciting and easier to relate to their daily lives than other translations. 

    The Interlinear Bible -- Offers the original Hebrew or Greek on one line and the English translation on the line below so readers can see exactly how the translation works. 

    The Chronological Study Bible -- Puts the text of the Bible in chronological order according to when the events are described as having occurred. This version places emphasis on teaching the reader about the cultural context of Biblical events. Available in several translations. 

    The Books of the Bible -- A version of the Bible that removes all chapters and verses and instead breaks the biblical books according to where the editors believe the authors intended breaks. 

    The Green Bible -- An eco-friendly NRSV of the Bible that emphasizes sections and includes many resources to guide Christians on how to be good stewards of the earth.

    The Holy Bible -- New Life Version -- An English translation of the Bible designed specifically to be of use for people for whom English is a second language. 

    Archbishop Welby recommends Bible Reading programs because they challenge Christians to read scripture regularly. Here, we include links to the two programs that he covers in his lecture. Most of the online Bible resources listed above offer several types of Bible reading program. 

    The Bible Project

    The GLO Bible -- Bible 360 has been absorbed into the GLO Bible app.

    In addition to the above resources from the video, here are a few more online resources for studying the bible.


    The Bible Challenge

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