Vestry Minutes March

Episcopal Church of Transfiguration Mesa, AZ

Meeting Minutes

March 10, 2020


  1. Call to order

The meeting was called to Order by Fr. Bob Saik.

  1. Roll call

The following vestry members were in attendance: Pat Gutsch (2020), Gordon Noyes (2020), Barbara Turner (2020), Heidi Kinney (2021), Pam Mack (2021), Catherine Schuyler (2021), Jo Laslo (2022), Karl Shepsted (2022), Bob Wilk (2021). Also in attendance were Bob Saik, Rector; Lynn Graff, Senior Warden, and Pat Mack, Junior Warden.

  • Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the February 11, 2020 meeting were approved as amended.
  1. Financial Financial Reports (previously distributed) were discussed and approved subject to audit.
  2. Reports from Ministries and Others:
  • A written report was submitted by Women’s Ministry. There were no written reports from Children’s Ministry, the Chile Garden, or Social Media. The following oral reports were given. (Summaries are attached) Jr. Warden, Senior Warden. Rector, Lay Leadership Retreat.
  • During the discussion of the Women’s Ministry first aid kits were discussed. The vestry authorizes the purchase of four of the more expensive first aid kits. The money for the purchase shall be taken from the Improvement Fund. The motion was made seconded and passed. *Fifty dollars was discussed as the price of the kits.
  • During the Rector’s Report funding for Fr. Saik’s sabbatical was discussed. The vestry authorizes $3,000 for costs associated with a supply priest for Fr. Saik during his sabbatical. The motion was made seconded and passed.



  1. Open issues
    1. Vestry Retreat: The retreat will be held in the Parish Hall on Saturday March 14, 2020. The goal of the meeting is for the vestry to come together as a team and to prioritize goals for the coming year.
    2. WIFI Capabilities: An update was given by Heidi Kinney. Cox is close to completing their upgrades. There will be an early termination penalty for changing providers. Heidi and her husband will install the needed equipment to provide internet access to the church. Three hundred dollars shall be authorized for expenses related to installing internet capability to the church. The motion was made, seconded and passed.
    3. The church finance committee has been meeting regularly. They have discussed paying for Fr. Saik’s sabbatical, conducting an audit, and reviews of financial reports and practices.
    4. Diocesan Rebate Money: Members brainstormed ideas for the use of this money. (See attached)
    5. Chile Garden Update: Heidi Kinney, Catherine Schuyler and Lynn Graff reported on the recent meeting of the Chile Garden advisory committee. Field One is completely planted. Seeds from the garden will be given to Native people to help replenish their agriculture. We have the traditional three sisters in our garden: corn, beans and squash.
    6. Audio Visual Update: New microphones and head sets for people with hearing problems have been purchased.
  • New business
  • Lynn Graff is contact person for the month.
  • The following items were added to the calendar: Pops Concert at St. Marks @ 7 pm on Tuesday the 24th of March, Daughters of the King Installation on Sunday the 29th of March.
  • Motion The vestry accepts the Parochial Report. The motion was made, seconded and passed.
  • Adjournment

Fr. Bob Saik adjourned the meeting after a Compline service was held.

Minutes submitted by:  Dea Podhajsky

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