October Vestry Minutes

                                    Episcopal Church of Transfiguration, Mesa, AZ

                                       Vestry Meeting Minutes,   October 12, 2021                                     

  1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Senior Warden Lynn Graff. A quorum was present. The meeting was held at the parish hall.

  1. Roll Call. The following Vestry members were in attendance in person: Heidi Kinney, Barbara Press, Bill Paleck, Peg Wier, Catherine Schuyler, and Ellen Jackelen. Jo Laslo appeared via Zoom. Also present in person were Lynn Graff, Senior Warden, and Diane Klock, Clerk.
  • It was moved, seconded and passed that the September minutes be approved, as corrected.
  1. Financial Report.
  2. Treasurer’s Report for September 2021 was included in the meeting packet. Bill Paleck presented the Report to the Vestry.
  3. Bill stated that the Report looks different than usual because it is a complete Treasurer’s Report that includes all categories of income and expenditures. Bill stated that August income was ahead of budget by $19,000 and September income is ahead of budget by $14,000. September income was down $5,993.00, but expenses were $4,500 less than budget in September.
  4. In response to a question from Heidi, Bill explained that the expense for Rector health insurance for August was billed and paid in September. In response to questions from Catherine, Bill explained the stained glass window income listed and the Visitor income listed. Bill also explained the listings for pledged and non-pledged income and the cleaning service expense. Pat and Pam Mack provide cleaning for the entire church complex, at a much reduced price.
  5. The Balance Sheet for September 2021 was included in the meeting packet.
  6. Bill stated that the balance in the checking account has increased.
  7. There is $2000 set aside to pay Paul Lee, our interim music director. He is establishing an LLC and will be billing us when that is set up.
  8. It was moved, seconded and passed to approve the Financial Report, subject to audit.
  9. The Presentation Budget Report was included with the Financial Report and discussed. A completed Budget for 2022 will need Vestry approval and will go to the Congregation at the annual meeting for approval. Bill stated that we need to get income figures from the Stewardship drive prior to completing the budget. Bill stated that the church could suffer a loss of income during this period of transition.
  10. Heidi Kinney discussed the Stewardship process for this year. A letter has already been provided to the Congregation. A proposed second letter was included in the packet for Vestry review. Heidi stated that the letter talks about a possible drop of $30,000 in income. This is projected because people have moved and died and some Canadians are not coming back. Suggestions for improvements to the letter were discussed.
  11. Heidi stated that a third letter, regarding the talent piece of Stewardship, will hopefully come from the Interim Rector. Then, pledge cards will be provided.
  12. Heidi stated that Steven Carroll will be the supply priest next Sunday. He uses a walker, so adjustments will be needed.
  13. A written Outreach Report was included in the packet. Peg Wier stated that Bill Robinson is a marvel. He prepared a report on the Chile farm for presiding Bishop Curry’s visit. Bill’s report was included in the Vestry packet and will be included in the Stewardship letter. Peg also suggested that it be used in the church’s mission statement for the Rector search. Peg stated that soup is continuing to be made for anyone who needs it.
  • Jo Laslo will be the music liaison. She stated that Paul Lee will work for us until Epiphany. He would like a choir person on Vestry. Jo listed members of the Congregation she has talked to about being on a Music Committee. Bill Paleck stated that he would be on the Music Committee. Jo stated that she has found a possible pipe organ for the church. Lynn stated that she needs Vestry approval to continue Paul’s role as interim music director until Epiphany. Jo made a motion to keep Paul on and pay him through the Music Fund. The motion was seconded and approved. Jo stated that Paul would like a riser to have the choir in the front of the church. He would also like a budget. Following a discussion, it was decided that Jo will work with him and the Music Committee. There was a discussion regarding the need to print the music in the bulletin, which required paying for music rights. Lynn stated that the annual amount for music rights was very reasonable and having the music in the bulletin makes it easier for people to find the music and follow it.
  • People’s (Junior) Warden Report
  1. Pat Mack was not present so Lynn Graff presented the report. Lynn stated that the sign has not been installed yet. Pat will be using a metal post and bolt the sign to the post.
  2. Lynn stated that the church has paid $2,000 for landscaping. An arborist had to be hired to remove a Palo Verde tree and do work on an Ironwood tree, which is a state protected tree. They did a great job. The money came out of the Improvement Fund.
  3. Lynn stated that Rev. Anne Ellsworth said that the church looks well cared for during her visit regarding the Interim Rector position. Barbara Press noted that Pastor Anne also stated that the church grounds showed love and commitment. Lynn agreed that Pat does a good job with maintenance and upkeep. Walt also comes every Monday to help.
  4. Rector’s (Senior) Warden Report: Lynn Graff
  5. A family is working with the live streaming. It might be a good idea to have someone else trained.
  6. Lynn discussed the status of the process of hiring Pastor Anne as Interim Rector. She said that it was being handled by Canon Anita, who is very busy because there are currently 17 churches in the Diocese going through a transition. Lynn stated that she would be contacting Canon Anita and her assistant to check on progress.
  7. Lynn included her notes from the Zoom meeting with Canon Anita in the Vestry packet. She also discussed the availability of samples of mission statements and parish profiles. Lynn stated that she wants simple, basic questions to be used in preparing the parish profile. Catherine stated that it should be simple, down to earth, short, sweet and to the point. Peg stated that Joan had put together a history of the church that might help. The mission statement and parish profile may be something that can be done by the search committee. The Vestry discussed names of parishioners who may be good members of the search committee.
  8. Lynn briefly discussed Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s upcoming visit to the Crazy Chile Farm. She stated that Bishop Curry’s speeches at the Diocesan Convention will be available on YouTube.
  9. Daughters of the King. A written report by Dana Wittman, President, was included in the packet. The report stated that Janet Zuber’s family was very appreciative of their work in hosting the reception following the memorial service.
  10. A written report by Jo Laslo, ECW President, was included in the packet. ECW’s monthly meetings are now held at 9:00 a.m. on the first Saturday of the month. The rummage sale will be held November 19th and 20th. Set up begins on November 15.
  • Crazy Chile Farm Update. A written report from the Crazy Chile Farm, A Million Meals for our Neighbors, Council for Native American Ministries, and Council for Creation Care was submitted by Bill Robinson and included in the packet. In his report, Bill stated that he has been asked to serve as liaison between the Council for Native American Ministries and the Council for Creation Care, one of only 3 laypeople in the latter. Bill stated that churches are encouraged to promote Resolution 2019-1-2 regarding recognition of indigenous people. He stated that Resolution 2021-2, which promotes practical water saving practices for parishes, was passed at the Diocesan Convention. Bill also discussed Presiding Bishop Curry’s upcoming tour of the Farm.
  • Social Media Report. A Report was submitted by Dea Podhajsky and included in the packet. Dea again noted that Social Media is a vital ministry of the parish and is an important part pf our church. She stated that there should be consideration of Social Media when looking for a new Rector. Barbara Press noticed that Gary Quamme was still listed in the report as someone authorized to post on YouTube. This should be corrected.
  • Vestry during Transition. Bill Paleck brought up the possibility of Vestry members staying on after their term expired during the transition. Names of possible Vestry members to fill the current vacancy and any other vacancies was also discussed.
  1. Scam emails. Jo reported that she received a scam email purported to be from Fr. Bob and Jan. Lynn stated that she would put something in the bulletin to remind parishioners that Fr. Bob and Jan cannot contact them, so to ignore anything that looks like it is from them.
  • Ellen Jackelen is the Vestry contact person for the month.
  • The meeting was adjourned.


Next meeting November 9, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.






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