Altar Flowers

Take a few minutes to check out our Altar Guild Flower Chart in the narthex. There are dates for anyone to sign for a loved one they would like to have flowers for on the altar. More than one person can sign up for any particular Sunday.

Ideas for Altar Flower occasions include: Birthdays, Anniversaries (of any kind), Memorials, Blessings and Thanksgivings. If you would like to participate just sign your name, name of persons to honor and the occasion—we will take care of the rest. If you wish a particular type of flowers, we can usually do that as well. Linda Ostmeyer and I check the chart regularly or you can call the office at 480/986-1145 or me at 602/318-0658 to schedule a date.

The cost of the flowers is $35, however, the florist we use gives us arrangements that would cost much more so we are blessed. Flowers make our church so very festive!

Ruby Seyffert

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