Farm Report 8/8/18

The Farm Report by Bill Robinson?️?️?️
As a non-profit 501(c)3, 100% of the profits from the Crazy Chile Farm are used mostly to fund various feeding programs and for food for the victims of floods, fires, and weather disasters. In 2017 The Farm provided funding for over 55,000 meals. As you might gather from our name, our primary revenue comes from the sale of chile powder made from the Campo Dorado chiles we grow. Yet we also grow other crops, such as corn and beans.
In three of the last four growing seasons, we have selected a unique variety of Native American corn. Each of those three varieties is pictured today. In future posts we will be sharing information on how the seed from two of these varieties is being used to build community and enhance dietary nutrition among Native American groups. Shown here are Flor del Rio (a popcorn), Chapalote (very ancient and used for pinole), and Yoeme Blue (a desert adapted blue corn).


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