Medical Debt

by Chris Whitehead

One of the most devastating things that can happen to any person is the diagnosis of a major medical disease. However, the disease is only the first devastation, the second devastation is the receipt of the medical bills that come after treatment. My personal experience with this is so evident of this issue. Upon passing out on an air flight to Miami I was admitted to Hialeah Hospital and Annette will tell you that I was more stressed out about how much this would cost than about what had happened on the plane, and I had medical insurance! When Annette was diagnosed with breast cancer we sat down and made a prioritized list of what we would sell to pay for her medical treatment. Sad to think that these are the first things we think about when our health is endangered.


As part of our capital campaign at Church of the Transfiguration we have committed to donate 10% of funds collected to RIP Medical Debt. This not for profit organization focuses on working with people who are in danger of bankruptcy or who fall below the poverty level and who have overwhelming medical debt. RIP Medical Debt negotiates with the hospitals and medical agencies to negotiate down the debt and then pay it off. The person with the debt will get a large yellow envelope in the mail that informs them that their medical debt has been forgiven and paid off. Imagine the feeling getting that envelope in the mail?


RIP Medical Debt will forgive $100 of medical debt for every $1.00 donated. An Episcopal church in Chicago retired $1.5 million of debt with a $15000 donation. This means that if we can raise the $70000 for the capital campaign a total of $7000 will be sent to RIP Medical Debt and $700000 of medical debt will be erased by our donation! Currently RIP Medical debt has a campaign in Arizona that would allow 85% of this money to be spent in Maricopa County. The other 15% will be used in the other Arizona countries. Please consider supporting this cause, that not only benefits our church, but also accomplishes our goal of sharing our wealth with others for as the Bible says we who give generously will receive back in greater measure.


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