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With the monsoon rains finally showing evidence of their existence, the 2019 crop is developing nicely!  The Campo Dorado Chiles are producing well. We have red, green, and chipotle powders available on the church website, at $12/4oz bag…a $3/bag reduction over last year. We also have 2  pound bags of Ute Mountain Ute blue cornmeal for $8/bag. This is identical in color and flavor to the Yoeme Blue cornmeal we grew last year, and WHICH RAN OUT IN A MONTH because of demand. We now have established a relationship with the Utes of Colorado that benefits both the Tribe and Transfiguration—so buy some cornmeal!

The 5000 square feet of Field#2 (where we grew the record crop of chiles last year) has been repurposed to grow seed crops for the indigenous nations of Southern Arizona. Between 1890 and 1914, the US Government tried to eliminate all Native People’s culture, language, religion, traditional food, and agricultural base. The project was officially called “Pacification and Assimilation.” In Arizona, part of that plan included taking away the water and the water rights of five indigenous tribes located on 5000 square miles of tribal nation land. This “restriction” lasted until 2014 when Federal Courts and State Legislatures passed Tier Two of the Arizona/New Mexico Water Settlement Act. Even though the water is starting to flow again, the tribes still face a huge obstacle. During the 100 yr.+ Gov’t imposed drought, most of their traditional seeds were either lost or now are in critically short supply. This is where The Crazy Chile Farm comes in!

With help from Tucson’s Native Seeds/SEARCH, and members of the Tohono O’odham, Pima, and Yaqui Tribes, the Crazy Chile Farm is growing four of the rare seed varieties. This effort has been fully endorsed and supported by Bishop Reddall and by the Rev. Canon Royals, head of the Diocesan Council of Native American Ministries.  Our selected varieties are Tohono O’odham 60-Day corn, Pima Sacaton Brown tepary beans, Tohono O’odham Ha:l squash, and the extremely rare Yoeme Blue corn.  Thank you Transfiguration for your support, your labor in the fields, and your on-going prayers. You are a blessing to many, many people.  Much love, Bill Robinson


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