Supplies Delivered

By Chris Whitehead

Club Ninos y Ninas
Hi Everyone,

You, the Church of the Transfiguration, and the others who donated towards our school supply drive for the Club Ninas y Ninos in Playas de Rosarito made the kids day today. We arrived as the kids were playing and being engaged in different activities and we started to bring in the supplies. The bags of paper and note books were of interest, but Annette and I had packed a huge suitcase with supplies and when we opened that to unload the supplies the kids were absolutely over the moon. We were told that they love art projects and the kids hugged the art supplies. Their happiness was almost overwhelming because for us in the US what we brought was not over the tip, but for these kids who have so little you gave them so much joy and they know that people who they have never even met love them. We have a story for whomever sent the three workbooks that will bring tears to your eyes. What could be better for our future than to let kids know that adults care for them. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts and we weren’t allowed to leave without numerous hugs from the adults working with the kids.

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