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Flood Workday

A great crew of 6 and 1/2 farmers, with logistical support from Nancy and Lynn and lunch from the ECW, made major progress in repairing the flood damage on the east side of farm and church property! Once the flood waters receded, we found that 2-4 feet of sandy silt had been deposited, not only in the wash, but in the south overflow basin. Holding capacity of the latter was reduced by over 50%. Today, however, the crew scoured out over 130 CUBIC YARDS of silt. Catherine, our Production Manager did most of the front-loader work! Special thanks to her, as well as Art, Dwayne, Bill P., Larry, Gerry, and eight-year-old Corey (whose comparatively smaller stature is more than surpassed by his good humor and enthusiasm! Also today, Larry took a break from the excavating and ground up 15 pounds of Chipotle powder for the upcoming Chile Harvest Festival on the 26th.
Bill Robinson, Farm Mgr.?️?️


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