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Updated Memo from Rector on Coronavirus

Dear Friends in Christ,

I pray that this note finds you safe, healthy and comfortable.  Each day of our lives seems to bring us new issues that we must deal with.  I am sad to share with you that our church life is changing as well. 

We have been instructed by Bishop Jennifer Reddall that we are to cancel all public meetings until April 20th . Bishop Reddall’s directive means we will not have services on Wednesday at 9:30 AM, Saturday at 5:00 PM, or Sunday at 8:00 or 10:00 AM.  It also means that we will not have weekly Bible Study on Wednesday and we will not have our Lenten study on Thursday evening.   The only meeting we will have at church is the AA meeting which happens on Tuesdays.

 The church office will be open on the regular schedule.  It is our plan to be here for our normal office hours during the morning from Monday through Thursday.   Please be understanding if you do not get someone right away when you call. 

During this time it is important that we stay in touch.  If you are having trouble with food or medicines, please call the church and we will find someone to help.  If you need someone to visit you with communion, please call the church and we will respond.  The church number is 480-986-1145.  You may call my cell phone at 480-980-1981 (local).  You may also call my personal cell phone which is 614-589-0173.  We are concerned about people who may be shut in.  If you know of someone that we should contact, please call the office. 

We are trying some news ways to worship together.  We plan to record our Sunday service and put it on YouTube.   We encourage you to access our Facebook page and our presence on other social media platforms.  We will be setting up some joint prayer sessions using a product called Zoom (more information to follow).

Below are links to the various platforms you can access:

  In our reading from Sunday, March 15th, Jesus told the woman at the well that there will be a time when we will worship God in places other than where we expect.  That time has come for us now,

May God bless you each and every day.

Bob Saik, Rector Church of Transfiguratiom

Last modified on Friday, 20 March 2020 20:25