Chile Farm Facilitates Donation

The Crazy Chile Farm was informed by Steve Dingle that an important gourmet restaurant chain has closed its doors until 4/20. We were asked if we had any partnerships where we could redistribute about 2000 pounds of fresh and frozen food. Our first call was to Native Health, which services 30,000 urban Native Americans and has an extremely active feeding program. Thanks to an enthusiastic "pick-up" team from Transfiguration, Native Health, and the managers and families of the restaurant, every pound was moved by noon!

This is the real and understated function of The use our resources and our efforts to serve our community and our neighboring Native Americans, especially where there is a need for food and sustenance. Normally, we do that by growing and distributing indigenous seeds to those trying to grow their own food. Or we use funding derived from the sale of chile powder and blue cornmeal. This time, we did it with a spur-of-the-moment cooperative effort from a broad spectrum of our community! The restaurant wishes to remain anonymous and I didn't catch the names of the kids that materialized out of nowhere. Nor did I get the names of all the people at Native Health. However, MANY THANKS to Steve, his wife Marrianne, and his daughter, Kristin; to Chariti Stern from United Food Bank; to Susan Levy, Danny Nunez, and three others from Native Health; to Mallory from Native Health and the Dine (Navajo) Community, and to Eddie Perrea and the children of the restaurant team.❤️❤️❤️


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