We're Open

Dear Friends,

This past Sunday was an exciting day for me. We had our first open service in the church since March. It was wonderful to see everyone in the church and to pray and praise God together. We held the 8:00 am service in the Parish Hall with 14 people in attendance. I love using the dark wood altar with the three dimensional Lamb of God on the front for that service. The 10:00 am service was held in the church. We had 28 people in attendance. There was room for more people in both services. The service was beautiful but felt different as everyone dutifully wore their mask and stayed socially distant from non family members. I felt the Holy Spirit in each service. 

Please remember to call the office if you wish to come on Sunday. The office is open Monday to Thursday from 8 am until noon. Reservations may NOT be made on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

An bridged version of our plan for the reopening of the church that was approved by both the diocese  and the vestry is included. Please read it and see the care we have taken to insure everyone’s safety


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