Vestry Update September

Vestry Update September

Vestry meets the second Tuesday of the month. Members include Bob Saik, Rector; Miriam Waddington, Senior Warden; Pat Mack, Junior Warden; Joan Crossman, Treasurer; Ann Williamson, Clerk; Steve Dingle; Elena Little; Meg Stresen-Reuter, Eileen Chandler; Dea Podhajsky; Ruby Seyfert; Pat Gutsch; Gordon Noyes; and Barbara Turner.

A quorum was not present for the October meeting so no formal actions were taken. Informal discussion was held on the following topics:

  • Fr. Bob, Miriam Waddingham and Bobbi Lafford will meet soon to discuss the progress on Strategic Planning.
  • The status of moving offices to the Parish House was discussed
  • The confirmation class has been completed. A time for confirmation will be announced.
  • Schedule of Adult Formation topics will be listed in the bulletin. October's topic is the book of Proverbs.
  • An update on the Bishop Selection was presented. Information about the candidates is available on our web site. The decision on the Bishop will be made at the Diocesan Convention. Input on the candidates should be given to Fr Bob.t
  • The vestry contact for the month is Meg Stresen-Reuter.
  • Recycling was discussed
  • A report on Social Media was given
  • Possible uses for the Diocesan Rebate money was discussed
  • The kitchen preparedness is progressing.
  • Another Newcomers Dinner has been scheduled.  Check the dates in our calendar.

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