Social Media Sunday

Social Media Sunday is September 30th. I will not be present. The following is an update on the goals for the year from last year’s Social Media Sunday. Two items on our strategic plan related directly to social media. We have accomplished both. They were a new design for web page and classes on the use of social media and mobile devices.

Facebook Facts


  • We have 214 followers.
  • Our highest number of views in a week was 19,000+. A more realistic number is 500.
  • Our highest number of post engagements in a week was 816. A more realistic number is 30. Engagement is reactions, comments and shares, or post clicks.
  • Our rating is 4.75 based on 15 reviews.

Instagram Facts transfigmesa

  • We have 22 followers.

Twitter Facts

  • We have 112 followers.

Web Page Facts: transfiguration/mesa/org

  • The following are menus on the page
    • Home
    • Worship (Devotionals, Prayers)
    • News and Information (Episcopal News Service)
    • Events (Timely articles on what is going on and also the Google calendar)
    • About Us (Contacts, Outreach, Rector’s Message, Story of our Icon)
  • The following appears on the home page.
    • Basic information about the church including address, telephone number, mission statement, list of services.
    • Sermons
    • Upcoming Events
    • The most recent stories in the events category
    • Information on ordering chiles (This appears on every page)
    • Prayer Request
    • A donate button
    • Transformation Meditations (Dan’s Blog)
    • A daily thought or Bible verse
  • An item in our events category gets around 30 views. The sermon gets around 50 views.
  • The web page is where people looking for a church go.


YouTube: We have a YouTube Channel but currently there is nothing on it.

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