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Soul as Mother

“The soul is like a mother who knows the baby inside of her needs to be born and wants it to be born. Yet, she also knows that the baby is safer within her than outside her.  Nevertheless, it must be born into the “Without” in order to fulfill its mission, its journey, given to it by God.  Safety must be left behind, so the Light of God can shine!"

The soul of each person has a special mission, journey, given to it by God before it is born.  In the beginning of one’s life the soul guides the child as it explores the small part of the world around it.  The experiences of the person as it grows from child to adult shape the way the person thinks and acts.  The soul works internally, helping the growing person stay on the correct path, which God has given it.

The experiences of the person in the world affect the way the person reacts to the guidance of the soul.  The thinking part of the person can ignore or overrule the soul’s guidance.  That’s where the person’s free will comes into play. The soul is made so that it will repeatedly “nag” like a mother, if choices are made that will lead the person down the wrong path.  If the person listens to the soul, there will be fewer difficulties.  If not, there will be many difficulties.  However, there are always difficulties by which the person learns things that couldn’t be learned any other way.

All people are born with souls that need to be vulnerable and exposed to the world.  This way the Light of God can show itself to others.  That is, the soul must be born into the “Without,” the outside world, even though it will have to face rejection, doubt and misunderstanding.  Showing the Light of God to others is and has been always a difficult and courageous action.  However, that’s what everyone is supposed to do so that those who lose their way will have a chance to find it again.  God doesn’t wish to lose any of His people just like the shepherd doesn’t wish to lose any of his sheep.

Exposing and showing the soul to the world doesn’t require a person to stand on a street corner and shout out, “Return to the Lord!”  God’s Light shows brightly whenever a person shows care and respect for others in need of assistance of any kind.  Being loving to others is always a sure way to show God’s Light.  Sometimes that choice is difficult, but in the end it is very rewarding not only for the receiver, but also for the giver.  So, show the Light of God that is within your soul to the persons in the “Without” by giving loving assistance to those in need!


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