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Dear Child of God, You are loved with a love that nothing can shake. Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Love comes from our parents who give it unconditionally to each child born to them.  A child of love is beautiful and special in so many ways it is hard to describe. A child grows in the womb and comes out tiny and dependent and in need of love, comfort, and to be taught the nature of kindness, gratitude and respect. Children learn from our actions as well as from our words. With all our hearts, mind and soul we must practice what we preach and mean what we say by doing as we say.

We are all children of God and in order to pass the unconditional love given to us by God on we need to accept Jesus Christ openly and share him with family, friends, and neighbors, no matter their color or race or belief in religion.

To have love means to feel peace and joy in one’s heart, mind and soul. To give and receive love is truly a beautiful and meaningful thing. Love is a gift to hold tightly and when we do this we feel joy and peace and are called to pass God’s love forward. Peace and joy will follow.

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for being patient with each and every one of us as we strive to emulate you in the truest sense of our own being.

Barbara Press

Love is patient, love is kind. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. I Corinthians 13:4.7-8

Our third daughter was born not breathing and quite fragile. Thankfully the medical staff was able to get her breathing; however, she needed to be kept on oxygen and very closely watched and cared for. She was born on December 22nd and I was allowed to go home on Christmas Day. My two other daughters wanted to wait to have Christmas until Mom and their sister came home. My husband and I convinced them that their sister Lauri would understand them having their Christmas even when she was not with them. So we did enjoy our Christmas with our daughters Mari and Nanci even though I was quite tired from the corrective surgery I had after Lauri’s birth.

Lauri was allowed to come home on the 27th and we all had another Christmas celebration then with her. Mari and Nanci had a gift for their sister Lauri, a blanket they had made. I will never forget the Love the girls shared for me and their sister and how willing they were to have their Christmas celebration much later than Christmas Day. Mari was five at the time and Nanci was three. I was so very proud of both of them for the Love they shared with their baby sister.

Ruby Seyffert

Love is the big booming beat that covers up the noise of hate.

Writing this has not been as easy as I anticipated. Perhaps it is because I had trouble following my own advice about writing one’s own truth. Or perhaps it is because the sentiment in the prompt seemed so elemental as to be self-evident. My question became why out of all the prompts had this one called to me? Was it the alliteration? Was it the idea of hate as noise? Was it the power of the image of a big booming beat engulfing the noise of hate. Hate in the image being the white noise that is omnipresent and will overtake us without vigilance. I don’t know.

I do know it’s Saturday night. I am at my computer and no revelations are appearing on the page. I am not a prophet of love. There is no outside force guiding my thoughts.  My truth is that I am a fairly tired almost seventy year old woman who still clings to my idealism, my faith that love will triumph, that we all need to daily be that big booming beat of love in our actions. Without that core belief I would succumb to despair. There are so many times that the noise of hate is hard to drown out. It would be easy to become bitter, to tell myself why bother nothing that I do matters. But I cannot sustain that world view. I believe that I do matter. That my actions matter. That the love that I feel and give matters. I recently read the novel The Hate U Give. It is a YA book which is one of my favorite genres. Everything is so much more intense for the young. Compromise and life dulls our passion. However, I want to always be the one to say amen to the sentiments expressed so well in the novel by its author Angie Thompson.

 “Sometimes you can do everything right and things will still go wrong. The key is to never stop doing right.”
“At an early age I learned that people make mistakes, and you have to decide if their mistakes are bigger than your love for them.”

Amen, Angie Thompson and keep that booming beat throbbing.

Oh God, help us see ourselves as you see us—beautiful and beloved. In moments when we feel that we are not enough, surround us with your love and remind us that we are yours. Amen

Dea Podhajsky



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