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During a recent Spirituality for the Second Half of Life meeting, I shared one of my favorite scenes from the movie The Color Purple. Shug and Celie are looking down on a church, Celie comments, “That’s the house of the Lord.” Shug’s response was that God resides in the people not the building,
“‘Here’s the thing,’ say Shug. ‘The thing I believe. God is inside you and inside everybody else. You come into the world with God. But only them that search for it inside find it.’”

The discussion went on to the power of sacred places; but my mind had gone walkabout as minds do when an idea demands reflections. In my life there have been more years when I did not step into a church than those in which I did.  The priest at the church I attended in Lakeside/Pinetop once asked in a sermon why we were there as opposed to being at Darby’s, a popular local restaurant, eating breakfast. I thought about the questions throughout the week as I had often wondered why I had stopped attending church and why I had started again. I came up with three reasons. I am certain that the reasons of those present although probably overlapping were unique to each individual. I also know that the three reasons I came up with on that occasion; although still true would not be the reason I would give today.

Today I would tell you that although those three reasons: community, transcendence and social justice still motivate me; the thing that motivates me more is that every Sunday sometime between the opening procession and the closing recession I will be struck by the knowledge that God is here.

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