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 Recently, I considered whether it might be good for the population of Earth if there were an invasion by an hitherto unknown race of creatures.  A race of creatures clearly intent upon subjugating the population of this planet. Obviously they would be technologically superior to all of us, or they’d not have been able to arrive on this planet we call home. Immediately upon landing, or however they might announce their presence on our world,  their clearly identifiable leadership would articulate their  intention  to radically alter life as we know it here in our world.  (Sounds like an opening scene for some sort of science fantasy/fictional horror movie, right?)

Then, while the people of Earth – with whom the invaders are somehow able to communicate all at once, despite differences in language, culture, location – are still with mass confusion wondering HOW and WHY the rather nebulous and broadly-stated change in their lives is supposed to occur, the invaders begin to explain.

“People of Earth:  We have come to assume control of this planet, and of your lives, because it is all too painfully obvious  that your situation grows worse on a constant, if not consistent,  basis.  Huge percentages of your population are starving, or suffering unnecessary disease, or are oppressed, unjustly treated, marginalized and disenfranchised by those who ought to be responsible for their welfare.  Many are victims of neglect, abuse, racism, prejudice, unreasoning hatred, and even genocide.  The legitimate and basic needs of many are ignored, and completely unattended to, even though those basic necessities would require very small adjustments in the life style of the privileged and comfortable. Your people kill one another, either by deliberate intent, or by heedless neglect and disregard.  Those who struggle against this world-wide disparity are reviled and even persecuted by the powerful.  Therefore we will remedy this situation by seizing control of all wealth, and redistributing it in a more equitable fashion, regulating the prices at which all merchandise may be sold, as well as placing limits on what, and how much, of any desirable goods may be owned by each individual and/or family.  We will completely regulate business, education, practice of religion, travel or any other movement of the population.  Those who have been completely deprived of any freedom may possibly have those freedoms restored, unless they demonstrate a lack of ability to utilize and appreciate the blessing of such freedom.  Those who have long failed to appreciate the value and cost of their freedom will loose it.”

At this point, the listening population of Earth becomes aware of the extent to which their lives will change; and to wonder whether or not this change may be resisted.  Recognizing that they have deliberately or inadvertently created the disaster. their minds switch into overdrive to determine whether they might, at this penultimate moment, avert universal disaster.

I wonder if we would then lay aside the hatred, the prejudice, the bigotry, and the selfish greed that drives so much of human misery?  I wonder if we could recognize that the wickedness, despair, and injustice suffered by so many could well be our lot if we choose to ignore the desperation of those who are indeed our sisters and brothers, beloved children of God.   I wonder, if this unidentified but powerful threat to all our lives would cause us to recognize that all the obstacles we set between ourselves and one another, racism, gender bias, religion, culture, tradition, life style, are in truth, trivial and essentially meaningless, empty, artificial barriers we have created to separate ourselves, one from another, in spite of Christ’s clear command that we “ love one another, as (Christ) has loved us. (John 13:34)  Would we begin to see that truly, we are indeed, “one, as Christ is one with God, Christ in us and God in Christ.” (John 17: 22-23) 

Could we, I wonder, without threat of externally imposed and implemented change, choose on our own to turn and become what the Lord our God created us to be?



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