From the Daughters of the King

The cross of Christ has a depth of meaning that makes it hard to describe.  It can be different to each person and the meaning can change based on what is happening in each person’s life.  Regardless of the meaning, it marks us as a beloved child of God.

The Daughters of the King all wear a cross, a specially designed cross, as part of their commitment to follow Christ.  The members are active individually and as a group in the church through service, prayer, and evangelism.  It is easy to identify a Daughter of the King anywhere in the world because we wear our cross daily.  Below are listed some of the comments about the cross from members of the Daughters of the King at Transfiguration.

“When I think of the cross, what comes to my mind is love; God’s love for us as individuals and God’s love for all of us collectively as part of God’s creation.  Knowing that I am one of His children and will always be loved by Him no matter what I do is so comforting.  I also think about the sacrifice God made for us and yet how He is always there for us.”      Jan S.

“I have been a member of the Daughters of the King for over 30 years.  Each day, as I put on my cross, I am reminded that Jesus is always beside me . . . to comfort, guide, and sustain, as we all work to spread God’s love in this world.”      Nancy R.

“I love wearing it because it reminds me of the bond of love through Jesus Christ for all of our sisters both local and world wide and the privilege we have to pray for each other!”         Miriam W.

“The cross is where Jesus suffered and died.  Though gruesome, it is very special.  God says He loved us so much that He gave His only son to die in our place.  I lost my youngest son 8 years ago.  It was hard enough to watch him die . . . but I cannot imagine choosing to let him die . . . to die in someone else’s place. But that is what Jesus did for us.  I was the one who sinned.  I deserved to be up there, not Jesus.  He took my place.  I owe Him my whole life! So, the cross is a beautiful reminder of my Saviour and what He went through so I can be reconciled to Him.  It also is empty.  Jesus did not stay dead but rose again!  He is now alive in heaven, watching out for me, and someday I will go to be with Him in heaven.  So, yes . . . the cross means everything!   Mari F.

“For me, the cross is a touch stone, a physical reminder of God’s presence with us and His gifts to us.  Putting on the cross each day is representative of putting on the ‘armor of God’ so that we are equipped to do His work.  Seeing people wear a cross says that we are all connected, linked by history, traditions, beliefs, and a way of life.  We are “one body with many different parts”, making us capable of being the church, the body of Christ here on earth.”      Lynn G.

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