My Reflection on the Gospel Reading Superbowl Sunday

My reflection on this Sunday’s Gospel Mark 1:29-39.


Jesus said, “Let us go on to the neighboring towns, so that I may proclaim the message there also; for that is what I came out to do.” 


So there it is.  This is the reason why Jesus came to this earth.  To tell the world that the Kingdom is at hand.  So I guess the miracles were some what of an attention getter.  He heals someone and “WOW!  This guy is special, let’s listen to him.”


This coming weekend the Eagles are playing the Patriots in the Super Bowl.  Now, I know I’ve been out West for almost 40 years but just as Tony Bennet left his “heart in San Francisco,” I left mine in Philly and will always be a Philadelphian.  I may not have followed the Eagles every Sunday for the past 71 years but I have always known where they were in the league standings, just listening to our local news every week gives me the scores across the NFL.


As crazy as it may seem, I think for many if not most of us, following Jesus and His teachings are much the same.  We know where the Bible is in our house but we may not go to it every week but it’s there just in case.  And we reach out to His word, His teaching on Sunday and when we need Him.  Then the crisis is over (or the season is over) and we set Jesus and our favorite team aside 'till another time.


But as we wait 'till next season for our favorite team, Jesus is always there, waiting for us and He wants to tell us about His Kingdom, that it is not far away.


Deacon Dan  (“FLY EAGLES FLY”)

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