Dea Podhajsky

Dea Podhajsky
It is easy to become discouraged. The news is full of natural disasters and stories of man's inhumanity to his fellow man. However, research shows an antedote for the negativity around us can be found in seeing and recognizing the kindness that surrounds us. Instead of focusing on the driver who cut you off on the freeway, think of the person who kindly let you ahead of her in the grocery line because you only had a few items. Instead of listening to the rants of the tv commentators take time to listen to the voice of God in the wind, and the song of a bird. When we look for the kindness and acknowledge it with gratitude we start a ripple that can become a wave. To help us on this quest Fr Bob has asked us to take those moments of kindness, write them down and send them to the office or to give them to him. They are published in the Weekly Bulletin and on our Web Page. Be a part of Transfiguration's Kindness Movement. It is just one example of how we live up to our name and our mission.

Our Services

Rite I 8 am Sunday

Rite II 10 am Sunday

Youth Education 9:45 Sunday (Will Resume  in the Fall)

Adult Formation 9:15 Sunday (Will Resume in the Fall)

Choir Practice 11:45 Sunday (Will Resume in the Fall)

Holy Eucharist 9:30 Wednesday

Bible Study 10:00 Wednesday

Vestry Second Tuesday 7:00 pm

The Reverend Bob Saik
Rector 480-980-1981
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Ms. Eileen Chandler
Director of Children's Ministry

Mr. Gary Quamme
Music Director
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Ms. Joan Crossmen

Ms. Linda Ostmeyer
Office Manager
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Barbara Lafford, Senior Warden

Don Strachota, Junior Warden 

Vestry: Pat Gutsch, Steve Dingle, Meg Stresenreuter, Steve Lazlo, Lynn Graff, Elena Little, Ruby Seyffert, Eileen Chandler, Dea Podhajsky

Our Mission

Come join us on Sunday at 8 or 10 and see first hand how our caring, loving community is living into our name.

Harvest Festival

The Festival Report
Bill Robinson

Last Saturday marked the 2nd Annual Desert Harvest Festival, sponsored by The Crazy Chile Farm, Transfiguration Episcopal Church, and the Maricopa County Community Garden Association. Heartfelt thanks to the many, many, people who pitched in to make the event a success! Celebrities in attendance included Mesa Mayor John Giles, Phoenix Opera star Johnny Huerta, folk and rock star Chris Rutledge (recently returned from his European tour), professional chef and chile cook-off winner Gordon Noyes, Laura Ward from House of Clydesdales, Troy Haviland from Haviland Shires, and Verde Valley based Leslie Fox from the Arizona Department of Agriculture Advisory Board for Food and Agriculture.

The Farmer's Market portion of the Festival was noticeably larger than last year with more fresh produce, two egg producers, and a CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) Garden. Our exhibitors consisted of Tenth Generation Farms (eggs and horses), Haviland Shires, True Garden Mesa (hydroponic produce/CSA), The Crazy Chile Farm, St. Andrew's Sedona (chile powders, jams, jellies, and salsas), Mesa Urban Gardens, Mesa HEART Studio (vegetable art), Local First Arizona, The Garden Gal, Vermiculturist, BG&P Fresh Roasted Green Chile, Transfiguration Prayer Shawls with Linda Jo, CAAFA (Community Alliance Against, Family Abuse, Harvest of Hope Community Garden, and The Maricopa County Master Gardener Program.

An increased number of activities for children (and an increased number of children attendees!) received lots of favorable comments--Art projects from Jaime Glasser, a free-throw contest, and curry-combing of the two Clydesdales. Thanks again folks.

Bill Robinson??

Farm Report

Subject: The Farm Report B

The Crazy Chile Farm ,officially, now has two growing fields and has more than doubled in size!  Field 2, the new field that Bob DeSpeilgeleare plowed with the John Deere last week, with be the new home of the 2018 Campo Dorado chile crop.  Field 1, the original field, will support a crop of Native American blue corn from Feb to June, and a pumpkin crop from June to the end of Oct.  Field 1 and Field 2?  Too prosaic?  Actually I think it sounds quite Dr. Seussy--like something out of The Cat in The Hat.


By Bill Robinson

Rummage Sale

The ECW annual Rummage Sale will be held on Friday November 11th and Saturday November 12th. The times for Friday are 8-4 and Saturday 8-1. This is a major fund raiser so please support us. The pricing on items is free will.

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